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Co-operative Business
in the Curriculum


Co-operative businesses contribute 7.9B to the Ontario economy and employ almost 20,000 Ontarians, yet are often left out of business education.


Access free lesson plans in easy, downloadable PDF format. Each PDF includes instructions and links to all lesson materials.


Lesson plans are designed in partnership with teachers for students from Grades 2-12, and are free for educators.


Lessons explore themes like community building, sustainability, financial literacy, business development and Indigenous issues.

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We recognize that although the co-operative business model is one of the four recognized business types in Canada and is reflected in the current Ontario curriculum, most teachers never learned about

co-operative businesses and therefore do not have the tools to pass on that learning to their students.


Our job is to make it easy for educators to teach

co-operative content in the classroom.

Co-operative Minds was developed by the Ontario Co-operative Association, a non-profit co-operative, with the support of Co-operators, one of Canada's largest co-operative insurance providers.



Michelle Christmann, Education Manager, Ontario Co-operative Association

Stefan Demczyna, Teacher/ Indigenous Curriculum Consultant, Hastings Prince Edward District School Board

Charlotte Francis, Illustrator and Research Assistant

Brett Manlow, Teacher, Hastings Prince Edward District School Board

Alicia Raffin, Certified Ontario Teacher

Eddie Sauve, Teacher, Thames Valley District School Board

Partner Organizations:

Evoke Facilitation and Consulting

Sleeper Studios Graphic Design

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